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From:Jeff Huston Date:August 1 2007 5:16pm
Subject:failing row[] assignment
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Dumb developer again... anyone see anything wrong here?

  mysqlpp::Query query  = con.query();

  std::string    select = build_query(in);

  mysqlpp::Result result;
  mysqlpp::Row    row;

  result =;

    while (row = result.fetch_row())
      a__record *temp = new a__record();

      temp->state           = (const char *)row["state"];

This is a CGI app... it's failing (error_log msg below) following the 
temp->state assignment there (or any other temp->? = row[?] assignment that 

[Wed Aug 01 12:11:40 2007] [error] [client] *** glibc detected *** 
/abi/live/phase4/httpd/cgi-bin/polkStreetSearch: free(): invalid pointer: 
0x0000000000634fa8 ***

...although I can examine row["state"] immediately prior to the assignment 
and see good data.  I can also assign a literal to temp->state and it works 

Anyway... if there's anything jumping out here... I'd appreciate any advice. 
   Aside from this, everything seems to be working fine.

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