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From:dwa Date:July 30 2007 12:41pm
Subject: always the same error-message -sh*t
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in my program - the is always the same loopaction

10 get the current timestamp as ulong
11 insert into timestamptable INSERT INTO TimeStampData(TimeStampValue) 
12 get the auto incremental id mysql_insert_id(...);
13 write Data INSERT INTO ValuesFData (.... + ID + ...)
14 ask for some information SELECT ....
15 read ROW
16 set free -> mysql_free_result(result);
17 sleep
goto start(10)

at(after) the first round - all ok

BUT in the secound round in line 11 the INSERT give the error
--> Commands out of sync; you can't run this command now

I know the error but i cannot find my mistake....


always the same error-message -sh*tdwa30 Jul
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