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From:roberto previdi Date:July 16 2007 1:32pm
Subject:Re: parameters problem
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My code is something like this:   
 (q is a mysqlpp::Query)

    for(IFieldContainer::const_iterator i = toSetFields.begin(); i != toSetFields.end();

the query and the toSetFields vector are filled in this way (simplifying):

    q << "select * from " << theTable.getName() << " where 1 ";
    int paramIndex=0;
    for(IFieldContainer::const_iterator i= allFields.begin(); i != allFields.end(); i++)
        if ((*i).hasValue())
            q << " and " << (*i).getName() << "= %"<<paramIndex++

Passing a vector or a map to would be just the perfect solution in my opinion..

Roberto Previdi

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roberto previdi wrote:
> I admit that i am one of the query.def abusers :)

Father Warren has heard your confession, and bids you go and say three 
Hail Linuses.  Go forth and sin no more, my child.

> The problem is that my query is dynamically generated, 

Please post an example of the sort of thing you're generating.  I 
suspect you might have just picked up a hammer, and all problems are 
looking like nails to you right now.

> I would need something like
> putting all the (parameter,value) couples in a vector or some dynamic
> structure and pass it to the query object..

Would it be enough if one of the overloads for these query execution 
methods took a vector of string?  Or maybe a map of string to string?

Even if the answer is "yes", I'd still like to know how you're trying to 
use this feature.  I have a deep suspicion that any attempt to create 
dynamic templates is wrong-headed.  The whole idea of a "template" is 
that you have to know the parameters of the problem up front.

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