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From:roberto previdi Date:July 16 2007 12:17pm
Subject:parameters problem
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Hi all. I admit that i am one of the query.def abusers :)
I know that i must change my code putting the parameters' values in the store or use or
execute call. The problem is that my query is dynamically generated, and when i call store
i don't statically know how many parameters are in the query. I would need something like
putting all the (parameter,value) couples in a vector or some dynamic structure and pass
it to the query object.. 

In alternative i will need to implement a dynamic parameter substitution and use it on the
sql string before to passing it to the Query object. In this case, i ask, is there a way
to use the mysqlpp param. substitution internal routines?

thank you for any advice

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Steven Van Ingelgem wrote:
> I am trying to figure out why the following is happening:

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