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From:Warren Young Date:July 14 2007 4:57am
Subject:Re: Newbie question: very slow performance
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William F. Dowling wrote:
> 	    mysqlpp::Query query = con.query();
> 	    query << "call get_some_data(" << mysqlpp::quote
>                   << ck << ")";
> 	    mysqlpp::Result res =;

You do realize that a store() query puts the entire result set in 
memory?  If the result set is large, your speed hit could be due to 
virtual memory thrashing.  If so, switch to a use() query.  Read the 
user manual for details.

> 	    if (res) {
> 		mysqlpp::Row row =;  // count returns one row
> 		*result =;

See the reference manual as of the 2.3.2 release for why get_string() is 
inefficient.  Something more like this should do better:

	if (res) {
		mysqlpp::Row row =;
		result->assign(row.raw_data(0), row.raw_size(0));

This makes a straight copy from the mysqlpp::Row innards into the 
std::string, no temporaries.
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