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From:William F. Dowling Date:July 13 2007 6:13pm
Subject:Newbie question: very slow performance
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I am seeing very slow performance when using mysql++ to access a local
db.  By "very slow" I mean, slower by a factor of 100-1000, in
comparison to running the same queries (in every case, a call to a
stored procedure) by piping them into the mysql command line client.

Can anybody suggest what I my be doing wrong to get such bad
performance?  (It is likely someting simple, since I am new to mysql++.)

My code for one of the procedures is this:

     // throw away empty results that are side effect of multi-query
    void skip_remaining_multi_results(mysqlpp::Query &query)
	while (query.more_results()) {
    void get_some_data(const std::string &ck, std::string *result)
	try {
	    mysqlpp::Query query = con.query();
	    query << "call get_some_data(" << mysqlpp::quote
                  << ck << ")";
	    mysqlpp::Result res =;
	    if (res) {
		mysqlpp::Row row =;  // count returns one row
		*result =;
	catch (const mysqlpp::BadQuery& er) {
	    // Handle any query errors
	    throw sdb_exception(er.what(), QUERY);
	catch (const mysqlpp::Exception& er) {
	    // Catch-all for any other MySQL++ exceptions
	    throw sdb_exception(er.what(), MYSQLPP);

Thanks for any suggestions!


William F Dowling
Newbie question: very slow performanceWilliam F. Dowling13 Jul
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