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From:Warren Young Date:July 11 2007 2:38am
Subject:RELEASE: v2.3.1
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Little other than bug fixes to 2.3.0 in this one:

     o Fixed a problem with SSQLS BLOB handling due to data lifetime
       issues.  const_string objects now keep a copy of their
       data, not just a pointer to it.  This is less efficient,
       but necessary to allow SSQLS to work with BLOBs.

     o Fixed many more embedded null handling problems in manip.h

     o MySQL++ can now optionally reference MySQL C API headers as
       in a mysql subdirectory, a common thing on *ix systems,
       by defining MYSQLPP_MYSQL_HEADERS_BURIED before #including

     o Restored ColData_Tmpl<T>::get_string(), removed in v2.3.0,
       along with warnings in the docs saying why you don't want
       to use it, and what your alternatives are.

     o VC++ and MinGW builds now define HAVE_MYSQL_SSL_SET macro,
       which lets you use the C API's SSL features.  This assumes
       your C API library does actually include them, which is
       the case with the official binary releases on Windows.

     o Fixed simple examples-only Makefile generation, for RPMs

As always, you can get it from
RELEASE: v2.3.1Warren Young11 Jul
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