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From:<Yuantu.Huang Date:July 8 2007 11:20pm
Subject:RE: 2.3.1 soon?
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I did some tests for new SSQLS + BLOB. The blob field returned by
calling Query::use was correct, but those returned by calling
Query::storein were corrupted.

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From: Warren Young [mailto:mysqlpp@stripped] 
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Subject: 2.3.1 soon?

I've just discovered a problem in the new SSQLS + BLOB handling.  Unless

you use this feature very carefully, you are likely to access freed 
memory, because of the way ColData_Tmpl<const_string> -- MySQL++'s BLOB 
type -- handled memory.  Also, the iostreams handling in lib/manip.h 
still retained a bunch of embedded null timebombs.

The only reason I'm not pushing out a 2.3.1 immediately is in case 
anyone else has something they want to see in this quickie release. 
I'll make my decision when I'm back in the office on Monday.

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