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From:Warren Young Date:July 6 2007 10:44pm
Subject:2.3.1 soon?
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I've just discovered a problem in the new SSQLS + BLOB handling.  Unless 
you use this feature very carefully, you are likely to access freed 
memory, because of the way ColData_Tmpl<const_string> -- MySQL++'s BLOB 
type -- handled memory.  Also, the iostreams handling in lib/manip.h 
still retained a bunch of embedded null timebombs.

The only reason I'm not pushing out a 2.3.1 immediately is in case 
anyone else has something they want to see in this quickie release. 
I'll make my decision when I'm back in the office on Monday.
2.3.1 soon?Warren Young7 Jul
  • RE: 2.3.1 soon?Yuantu.Huang9 Jul