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From:Ernest Bori Date:July 6 2007 12:27pm
Subject:Re: release 2.3.0 - memory leaks with mfc
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> In my experience, most "memory leaks" detected by Visual Studio are 
> harmless.  They're usually some block of memory grabbed just once by the 
> program at startup, and never formally released.  There's no point in 
> chasing these.  You'd have to add extra code to the library to allow for 
> a formal shutdown, which would have no other effect than to make the 
> leak checker happy.
> I could be wrong about this.  To find out, try changing the example to 
> issue multiple queries, or change resetdb to insert more data.  If 
> either of these things increases the size of the leak, it's probably 
> something to worry about.  Otherwise, it's just the sort of static leak 
> I describe above.

 Well, I've tried with a lot of queries, even with no line in the main body, and the
result is the 
same leak memory blocks, so it seems you're right.


Ernest Bori

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