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From:Warren Young Date:July 6 2007 12:05am
Subject:Re: release 2.3.0 - memory leaks with mfc
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Ernest Bori wrote:
> I have started to work with the MySQL++ 2.3.0 library. I have compiled de example at
> MySql++\examples\vstudio\mfc and after I run it, shows the Output view

In my experience, most "memory leaks" detected by Visual Studio are 
harmless.  They're usually some block of memory grabbed just once by the 
program at startup, and never formally released.  There's no point in 
chasing these.  You'd have to add extra code to the library to allow for 
a formal shutdown, which would have no other effect than to make the 
leak checker happy.

I could be wrong about this.  To find out, try changing the example to 
issue multiple queries, or change resetdb to insert more data.  If 
either of these things increases the size of the leak, it's probably 
something to worry about.  Otherwise, it's just the sort of static leak 
I describe above.
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