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From:Warren Young Date:July 5 2007 11:55pm
Subject:Re: Read / Write Query timeouts
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Des Smith wrote:
> When I set the read query timeout to 1 second , I'm seeing the query
> wait about 10 seconds before returning. 

I suspect you're misunderstanding what the option actually does. 
Quoting from the MySQL manual:

> Timeout for reads from server (works only for TCP/IP connections, and
> only for Windows prior to MySQL 5.0.25).

Possible reasons you're not getting the behavior you want:

1. You're on an older version than 5.0.25, and not on Windows

2. You're using a local IPC connection, not a network connection

3. You're expecting the timeout to apply to the entire transaction.  I 
haven't looked at the C API code, but I'll bet it only applies to each 
individual network read, so as long as the server doesn't take more than 
1 second to send each piece of data, this timeout will never occur.

I suspect you'll see the same behavior with a straight C API program. 
If so, the issue isn't on topic here.
Read / Write Query timeoutsDes Smith4 Jul
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