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From:Warren Young Date:July 2 2007 8:33pm
Subject:RELEASE: v2.3.0
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Here it is, the biggest release since v2.0:

     o Added Query::for_each() and Query::store_if() methods
       proposed by Joel Fielder, and added examples for each.

     o It's now possible to store BLOB data in an SSQLS.  It's not
       foolproof, so added a section to the user manual (5.9) to
       document the method.  Also, changed examples/cgi_jpeg to use
       this new mechanism, instead of the ugly "raw row data" method
       it used to use.

     o Revamped Connection::set_option() handling.  These options
       used to be queued up, and applied only just before actually
       establishing the connection.  This made error reporting less
       helpful because the diagnostic was separated from the cause.
       Plus, the error messages were misleading to begin with.  Now,
       set_option() takes effect immediately if the connection is not
       yet up (excepting one special option that can actually be set
       after the connection is up) and issues better diagnostics when
       it detects errors.

     o Connection::connect() used to set a few options in such a
       way that the user couldn't override them.  Now it's smart enough
       to set them with the desired default values only when we see
       that the user hasn't given them other values.

     o SQLString can now be initialized from a mysqlpp::null,
       giving a "NULL" string.  This is useful for template queries.
       Patch by Michael Hanselmann.

     o resetdb error message about mixing library and header version
       numbers is now more explicit.

     o Changed BadConversion exception's "what" message text to be
       more like the other exceptions.  The inconsistency lead one
       to incorrectly copy-paste code from another exception handler,
       expecting it to behave the same way.  Now it does.

     o Added Row::raw_size(), as a shortcut for Row::at().size().

     o ssqls-pretty now detects when it's being run from within
       the MySQL++ distribution tree and gives a different -I flag
       to the compiler, so that it picks up the distribution headers
       instead of those that may be on the system already.

     o The quote manipulator now works for char[] correctly.
       Thanks for this patch go to Andrew Sayers.  (It's always
       worked for char*, but C++ doesn't consider that to be the
       same type, so it used the generic quote handling path,
       which doesn't do anything for char[].)

     o Fixed a build bug on older Solaris versions where the
       test for the C API library was erroneously failing, stopping
       the configuration process.

     o Simplified mysql_shutdown() level argument detection.
       Already had to do a version number ifdef check for the
       Windows case, so there's really no point to doing it with
       autoconf on Unixy platforms.  Moved version number check
       into lib/connection.cpp, and nuked the separate autoconf and
       Windows tests.

     o Removed dependency of sql_types.h on myset.h and (indirectly)
       datetime.h.  Now we only define sql_* typedef aliases for those
       MySQL++ types if the headers are included before sql_types.h.

     o Fixed a typo in one of the storein_sequence() template
       overloads, which is apparently rarely (or never?) used, because
       no one reported the compiler error you'd get if you tried.

     o Fixed a few more embedded null handling problems.

     o ColData used to keep two copies of all data it held.
       Now it keeps just one.

     o Fixed install.bat script to track the unified Bakefile change
       and the lack of separate debug and release builds under MinGW.

     o Yet another STLport + Query memory leak fix.

     o Squished a warning in newer GCCs having to do with identifier
       shadowing.  Patch by Jonathan Wakely.

     o Fixed a null-termination bug in Query::parse().  If you
       somehow constructed a query string without a terminating null
       character, then tried to parse it as a template query, it could
       walk off the end of the string.  Patch by Worster Chen.

     o Removed MYSQLPP_EXPORT tag from FieldNames and FieldTypes
       class declarations, as this can cause problems in programs
       that use vector<string> in VC++.  It has to do with multiply
       defined templates, since these classes derive from that
       template, and VC++ can't resolve the conflict without help.
       Since these classes aren't actually used outside the library,
       this shouldn't cause a problem.  Patch by Nils Woetzel.

     o Partial fix to Doxygen PDF build on RHEL4 and 5.  Needs
       hand-coaxing to complete successfully on RHEL4, and doesn't
       yet work at all on RHEL5.

     o Shortened the "no*" options to the bootstrap script, so that
       the usage message fits on a single line.

     o Added "nodoc" bootstrap script option, for disabling the
       documentation build during the dist target build.  Allows for
       building binary RPMs on CentOS 5.0, where doc building is
       currently broken.

     o Removed the updel example program.  It was kind of silly,
       and if you were to rewrite it today, you'd use for_each() anyway.

     o Lots of documentation improvements.

As always, you can get it from
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