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From:Warren Young Date:June 29 2007 9:46am
Subject:Re: Borland c++ builder
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mosaed wrote:
> I want to use Mysql 

This mailing list is for MySQL++, a C++ wrapper around the MySQL C API.

> with Borland c++ Builder. 

MySQL++ has been built before under BCBuilder, but due to lack of 
interest, we no longer support it.  At minimum, we know that the SSQLS 
feature isn't going to work right, due to a compiler limitation.  The 
progress we've made in the library since the last time someone tried it 
in BCBuilder might have caused further breakages w.r.t. BCBuilder.

So, you can either try your luck with MySQL++, or you can use the C API 
instead.  If you choose the latter path, please take the issue up on the 
main MySQL list, where it is on topic.
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