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From:Warren Young Date:June 27 2007 4:31am
Subject:Re: Regarding the beginners questions
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Martin Persson wrote:
> Sorry about flooding the list with newbie questions,
> but from personal experience and after RTFM I thought
> it would be a better solution than pestering an expert
> with entry level questions. Then I end up with only
> you answering anyway:) 

It's a big leap from "only you answered" to "only you will ever answer, 
so why ask anyone else?"

> Thus I now hazard sending
> questions straight to you, hoping this wont be
> considered too serious a breach of proper netiquette.

Yes, actually, it is a serious breach of netiquette.  These rules exist 
for good reasons.

First, the possibility of other people answering is still open.  In the 
case of this specific question, it's better answered by another newbie, 
not someone like myself.  A newbie would have a better perspective on 
your situation.

Second, the possibility of multiple answers is not the only reason for 
using the mailing list instead of direct email.  The other is that there 
may be someone else reading the list or the archives who will also learn 
the answer.  Why would I choose to answer only one person when I can 
potentially answer many at once?  My time is precious.

You are demanding personal attention here with no good justification. 
You'll have to follow the rules I set just like anyone else.
Re: Regarding the beginners questionsWarren Young27 Jun