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From:Gregory R \(Gregory\) Gaus Date:June 22 2007 8:35pm
Subject:RE: Cant build mysql++ 2.2.3
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I have run into this as well building on Sun Solaris 8 (Sparc) using gcc
3.3.2. The link fails because the linker cannot locate libm when
building the test program that checks for mysql_store_result.

It seems that the LIBS variable initially contains -lm but wipes it out
at line 6438 of the config script. I got around the problem by changing
line 6438 from:




I did no further investigation but it would be nice to not have to hack
the config script.

Greg Gaus

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From: Warren Young [mailto:mysqlpp@stripped] 
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Subject: Re: Cant build mysql++ 2.2.3

Des Smith wrote:
> I am building 2.2.3 mysql++. 

...under what operating system?  ...with what compiler?  ...with what
configure script arguments?

> checking for MySQL library directory...
> /work/pairg/workspace/mysql/usr/lib/mysql
> checking for MySQL include directory...
> /work/pairg/workspace/mysql/usr/include/mysql
> checking for mysql_store_result in -lmysqlclient... no
> configure: error: Could not find working MySQL client library!

Configure is telling you that it's unable to link a trivial program to
your C API library.  Therefore, your C API library is questionable.

Do you have a good reason for using a nonstandard version of MySQL? 
(It's clear you're not just installing a pre-built version here.)

> Why does configure skip the client libraries as incompatible?

ld is skipping it, not configure.

One cannot make further guesses without knowing details of your

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