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From:Warren Young Date:June 21 2007 5:07pm
Subject:Re: Bug in mysql++
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Axel Schwenke wrote:
> from the README I understand you are the maintainer of mysql++

That's right.

By the way, the right place to send reports like this is to the MySQL++ 
mailing list, not to me directly.  I ignore most messages of this sort, 
but I'm making an exception since you're from MySQL.  :)

Also, there's probably no point in sending Cc's to Sinisa Milivojevic. 
He hasn't had anything to do with MySQL++ for six years now.

> I think I found a bug in how Connection::set_option() handles setting of
> options. 

Thanks for the report.  I think I've fixed everything you reported.  The 
changes are in svn now, and will appear in the next release.

> 2. some options don't take effect if they are set *after* connecting to
> the MySQL server. In fact this is true for all options except
> opt_multi_statements.

Thanks for this inside info!
Re: Bug in mysql++Warren Young21 Jun