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From:Felix Date:June 12 2007 12:07pm
Subject:Re: Util.h problem
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Yes I tried out a new project file it built fine with the shipped one 
and I found out what the problem was.

The System property in the Linker settings was wrong it was set to 
/SUBSYSTEM:Windows instead of Console and the additional dependencies 
i.e. all the lib files weren't linked.

Thanks for the help

Warren Young wrote:
> Felix wrote:
>> But I now get the following errors
>> error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "__declspec(dllimport) 
>> public: virtual class mysqlpp
>> and about 20 of those. Got anymore ideas as to where those come from
> It sounds like you're trying to rebuild the example programs using a 
> new project file, instead of using the ones shipped with MySQL++.
> If you're just not aware that we do ship working project files, please 
> try those first.  If you've already done that and now want to try and 
> build something on your own, study  It describes the 
> changes you need to make in your project files to use MySQL++.
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