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From:Warren Young Date:June 11 2007 11:24pm
Subject:Re: connectnig to a table through internet
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rock8air wrote:
> I have a mysql table on a server and with php on that server i can connect
> this way: $connection = mysql_connect("", "ulti", "******");
> But.
> Is that possible to connect to that table from anywhere using mysql++?
> And if so..
> Any guidance please?

This really isn't a MySQL++ issue.  Yes, it can do what you want, as can 
PHP.  But figuring it out is completely off topic here.

Since it seems that you already know PHP, I would work on the problem in 
that environment first.  Once you have it working there, you can learn 
MySQL++.  The concepts are all the same, but there are a lot of syntax 
and naming differences, all of which would just cloud the issue. 
There's no need to create two problems for yourself at once here: it's 
easier to solve them separately.
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