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From:Dr. BVLS Prasad Date:May 23 2007 6:53am
Subject:Re: New Bie query:
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Hi Warran & Drew
its the least of the problem but its definitely the first of the problems.

I am more comfortable with OOPs so I preferred to start with mysqlpp than
its c api. I understand that c api would be a better bet to start with
but some craziness for OOPS/CPP.

I would definitely try since I really end up in generating many many schemas
for different analytical aspects of the data currently running in biology.

thanks for the inputs from all.
Yes, I am new to mysql/mysqlpp. and I take the suggestions and follow them
sincerely to learn fastly.

Thanks alot.

On 5/22/07, Warren Young <mysqlpp@stripped> wrote:
> Dr. BVLS Prasad wrote:
> > a) I have to create the database , table using the methods available
> > and the query object
> You don't have to use MySQL++ to create the database.  It's one way, but
> MySQL++ doesn't limit you.  It's completely up to you how you create the
> database and the tables within it.
> > b) insert the data and /or execute the queries using query object.
> > b) then use ssqls to access the data from the table in / out of order
> > keeping the parameters same/similar.
> You can do all of this with SSQLS.  See examples/custom*.cpp.
> > wouldnt it be nice to create an object which will automatically create
> > the table schema and also table "named" structure.?
> Yes, it would.  If you are volunteering to write that code, read the
> HACKERS file before submitting your patch.
> > (especially it will be most comfortable to the work running into
> > millions of schemas and trillions of data in the form of rows as is
> > the case with biological sequences and structures.)
> If you have trillions of rows, it seems to me that the process of
> creating the database schema is the least of your problems.  But if you
> feel you must expend effort to solve it more elegantly, I won't stand in
> your way.
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