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From:Warren Young Date:May 23 2007 2:38am
Subject:Re: New Bie query:
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Dr. BVLS Prasad wrote:
> a) I have to create the database , table using the methods available
> and the query object

You don't have to use MySQL++ to create the database.  It's one way, but 
MySQL++ doesn't limit you.  It's completely up to you how you create the 
database and the tables within it.

> b) insert the data and /or execute the queries using query object.
> b) then use ssqls to access the data from the table in / out of order
> keeping the parameters same/similar.

You can do all of this with SSQLS.  See examples/custom*.cpp.

> wouldnt it be nice to create an object which will automatically create
> the table schema and also table "named" structure.?  

Yes, it would.  If you are volunteering to write that code, read the 
HACKERS file before submitting your patch.

> (especially it will be most comfortable to the work running into
> millions of schemas and trillions of data in the form of rows as is
> the case with biological sequences and structures.)

If you have trillions of rows, it seems to me that the process of 
creating the database schema is the least of your problems.  But if you 
feel you must expend effort to solve it more elegantly, I won't stand in 
your way.
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