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From:Dr. BVLS Prasad Date:May 22 2007 11:01pm
Subject:Re: New Bie query:
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Hi ,
thank you.
I did read the user manual.

so, it means that:
a) I have to create the database , table using the methods available
and the query object
b) insert the data and /or execute the queries using query object.
b) then use ssqls to access the data from the table in / out of order
keeping the parameters same/similar.

am I on track.?

wouldnt it be nice to create an object which will automatically create
the table schema
and also table "named" structure.?  Its an object composing "query"
and "an ssql".

This would ease the table generation and further interactive
programming much easier from
a developer's point of view. I think it should be possible.
(especially it will be most comfortable to the work running into
millions of schemas and trillions of data in the form of rows as is
the case with biological sequences and structures.)

I would try it myself and keep you posted on that.
I look forward to your comments.

thank you very much for the help.

On 5/22/07, Warren Young <mysqlpp@stripped> wrote:
> Dr. BVLS Prasad wrote:
> >
> > a)   Does SSQLs create table
> No.  It requires that you already have a table with a similar layout to
> the SSQLS.  You don't have to get the types all exactly the same, but
> you do have to have the same number, order and general sort of columns
> in the MySQL table as in the SSQLS.
> >               mysqlpp::Connection con;
> >                con.create_db("testing");
> >                con.select_db("testing");
> >                con.connect("testing","localhost","root","beta");
> You can't create or select a database before connecting to the database
> server.  See examples/resetdb.cpp
> > Pl. help me to break this initial inertia.
> Have you tried reading the user manual?
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