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From:Dr. BVLS Prasad Date:May 22 2007 5:40pm
Subject:New Bie query:
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   I am trying to read the documentation to understand the phil. of mysql++.
   I am playing with the examples.

   I am able to retrieve the content from a Database already in mysql
on my system.

   But I am stuck with one conceptual problem since custom1.cpp is not
working for me,
   in the sense, it is complaining that "stock" database doesnot exist.

The conceptual questions:
a)   Does SSQLs create table in a database or just C structures with
name "stock"..for example.? or putting it other way: Do we need to
create database and table schema using query or is there something
like SSQLs which creates both structure for programming
access and table inside mysql database with same parameters.?
I hope I made the question clear ?

   Here is my Code: (tried modifying the custom1.cpp code). Is this
correct? Its giving
segmentation fault.
               mysqlpp::Connection con;
the rest of the code is same as the custom1.cpp in the examples.
I am doing something terribly wrong , may be selecting the db twice?
or some thing
wrong in understanding the phil.of mysql++.

Pl. help me to break this initial inertia.
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