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From:Warren Young Date:May 18 2007 2:20pm
Subject:Re: pro domo static library for MySQL++
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> I am developping an opensource GPL software FooBark (I am assuming this 
> name is not used yet, please replace it by whatever is appropriate).
> FooBark is a CGI application. It is linked with libmysqlpp.

If the program is licensed under the GPL and you distribute the source, 
then you can statically link to any GPL'd or LGPL'd libraries.

MySQL++'s build system doesn't allow static linking right now, but it is 
not that way because I'm actively trying to prevent the scenario you 
describe.  It is simply a limitation of the current build system. 
Specifically, the problem is that selecting a linkage type with Autoconf 
doesn't affect all of the Bakefile-generated stuff.  Static linkage used 
to work back when we were using Automake.

I'm not motivated to fix it because I don't believe your scenario is 
common.  If it were, we'd be seeing a lot more complaints about it. 
Since we're not, I'm not going to spend time trying to fix it.

If you fix it, I'll consider the patch thoughtfully.

Before you spend yet more time arguing with me, you might think about 
whether your time isn't better spent working on that patch.
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