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From:Warren Young Date:May 18 2007 10:28am
Subject:Re: pro domo static library for MySQL++
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> However, I disagree with the argument that a GPL-ed library should be linked
> dynamically. Licence terms are legal stuff, linking mode is technical stuff.

The law does not allow you to reinterpret a license in a way that is 
technically convenient for you.  The license's correct interpretation is 
independent of your wishes.  If it's inconvenient for you to obey the 
license, you simply have no legal ability to use the software: standard 
copyright applies, you don't own the copyright on this software, and so 
you have no right to copy the software.

> I only want to use mysqlpp in small CGI programs I am writing (opensource
> GPL licence). I am pretty sure I am not alone. But such CGI programs are
> deployed (ie used) on small cheap web sites, whose web hosting company
> usually does not provide any additional shared libraries than the barely
> essentials (like libmysqlclient, libc, libdl, libm and their dependencies).
> Some hosting companies don't even put a - you need to link it
> statically!

A lawyer might argue that this usage wouldn't fall under the 
distribution terms of the GPL (v2, at least) since only company 
employees should have access to the server.  Another lawyer might then 
argue that this still amounts to distribution, since the binary has been 
copied to a server not belonging to the company.

The only way to resolve that argument is to have a lawsuit; we can't 
resolve it here on the list.  If that does not appeal, I suggest that 
you either 1) find a better web host; or 2) host your site on 
company-owned servers.

Again: just because it's inconvenient does not make it wrong.  If you do 
not choose to take the technical steps required to comply with the GPL 
and LGPL, you have no license to use the software.  It's that simple.
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