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From:Basile STARYNKEVITCH Date:May 17 2007 8:01pm
Subject:pro domo static library for MySQL++
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HEllo all

I am well aware of the Reply to Can't configure to build static library on
Mac OS X 10.4.9

However, I disagree with the argument that a GPL-ed library should be linked
dynamically. Licence terms are legal stuff, linking mode is technical stuff.

I would explain concretely.

I only want to use mysqlpp in small CGI programs I am writing (opensource
GPL licence). I am pretty sure I am not alone. But such CGI programs are
deployed (ie used) on small cheap web sites, whose web hosting company
usually does not provide any additional shared libraries than the barely
essentials (like libmysqlclient, libc, libdl, libm and their dependencies).
Some hosting companies don't even put a - you need to link it

So I am not able to use libmysqlpp because it has no static version, even
when coding GPL-ed free software.

And I was not able to patch quickly the libmysqlpp source to enable static
linking on linux/Debian/Etch/AMD64 ou linux/Debian/Etch/x86 - apparently the
Debian maintainer was not able neither :-(

So there are valid reasons to ship a statically linked version, even for a
GPL library (and of course also for LGPL).


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