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Subject:Re: query memory bug
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Valgrind really helped me track down the problem. Which was with the 
structure its self.

Just had to check and make sure there wasn't something weird with the query.


Warren Young wrote:
> aberger@stripped wrote:
>> if I print out the structure before I create the query object, the 
>> structure looks fine. When i print out the structure after the query 
>> object a small section of the data in the structure is corrupt. If I 
>> remove the mysql++ calls from the function the struct remains fine.
> When you remove those calls, you are changing the memory layout of 
> your program.  You can't disentangle that fact from the possibility 
> that MySQL++ is corrupting your program's memory without more tests.  
> I suggest running the MySQL++-free version of your program under a 
> heap checking tool such as Valgrind.
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