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From:Ian Daysh Date:May 3 2007 9:32am
Subject:RE: Not able to register mysqlpp.dll
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Hi Bassam,

You don't need to register the dll's. As long as you have the dll's in the same directory
as the app, then the thing will just work.

In my case, I have an application on a network drive, with the mysqlpp.dll and
libmysql.dll files alongside it, and any number of users can run the app and access the
database. There is of course the need for the microsoft c++ re-distributables having to be
installed as well.

If I'm missing something more fundamental in your case, then I apologise.


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Subject: Not able to register mysqlpp.dll

Dear Folk,

   I am developing a network application using the followings:



Windows XP Pro with SP2

Win32 C++

Visual C++ 2005 express edition

MySQL 5.1





Centrino 1.30 GHz

756 MB Ram


I have compiled MySQL++-2.2.0 successfully and got all the .lib and .dll
files for both debug and release versions and now I am using them
successfully. However, I am not able to register these generated .DLL
(mysqlpp.dll) files in my registry using the command "regsvr32". I am always
getting the following error message:


LoadLibrary("mysqlpp.dll") failed - Invalid access to memory location.


I googled the net but I couldn't find any answer. I wonder of what could be
the reason behind this error. 


Your help is much appreciated







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