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From:Bassam A. Al-Khaffaf Date:May 3 2007 8:47am
Subject:Not able to register mysqlpp.dll
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Dear Folk,

   I am developing a network application using the followings:



Windows XP Pro with SP2

Win32 C++

Visual C++ 2005 express edition

MySQL 5.1





Centrino 1.30 GHz

756 MB Ram


I have compiled MySQL++-2.2.0 successfully and got all the .lib and .dll
files for both debug and release versions and now I am using them
successfully. However, I am not able to register these generated .DLL
(mysqlpp.dll) files in my registry using the command "regsvr32". I am always
getting the following error message:


LoadLibrary("mysqlpp.dll") failed - Invalid access to memory location.


I googled the net but I couldn't find any answer. I wonder of what could be
the reason behind this error. 


Your help is much appreciated







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