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From:Jim Wallace Date:April 26 2007 11:13am
Subject:Easier way to get OUT parmeters from Stored Proc call
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I posted a method earlier that wrapped on SP with another doing a SELECT
on the OUT parameter(s).  Since then, I've found the wrapper can be
avoided by doing call and select from C++.  Here's an example with one
OUT, but can easily do more.

Query query = m_conn->query();

query <<  "CALL setPlayerBanStatus( %0q, %1q, %2, %3, @banned ); SELECT


Result res = playerName, reason, (int)(banned ? 1 : 0),
(int)bannerId ); // call SP

res = query.store_next(); // get select output

ret = res.size() > 0 && (LONG) != 0;

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