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From:Warren Young Date:April 25 2007 5:48am
Subject:Re: Error LNK2005
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PIAČEK Roman wrote:
> I have a problem. I am using mysql++-1.7.40 and  VS 2003. In 2 C++ 
> projects the mysql++ works fine, but now I tried to do a 3rd project and 
> I always get this error:

I can understand using old versions of a library with old projects, but 
why aren't you using the current version of MySQL++ with your new 
project at least?

>  error LNK2005: "public: __thiscall 
> mysqlpp::Connection::Connection(void)" (??0Connection@mysqlpp@@QAE@XZ) 
> already defined in mysqli.obj

Make sure the link settings are the same between your new program and 
the old one.  You might be attempting to link to the library twice, for 
example.  The current version of MySQL++ has good, detailed instructions 
at the bottom of for the settings that you need to check.
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