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From:Michael Nye Date:April 23 2007 7:11am
Subject:Visual C++ Release build
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Hi all,

I have recently create a program in visual c++ using mysql++ and am now 
on the stage of looking to create an executable for distribution.  As 
such I am now trying to make my program work under a Release build.  I 
have followed configuration settings from the example wforms for the 
Release build and the form will load up fine.  However when I click the 
button which executes a query, it seems to get stuck at the line,

mysqlpp::Result res =;   

where query_stdstr is just a simple query (eg. SELECT * FROM staff WHERE 
staff_name = 'joe').  The query object has been setup using 
mysqlpp::Query query = con.query(); and has successfully connected to 
the database.  Once the program tries to execute the query the form will 
simply close itself down normally (no crash/error warning).  It is very 
strange for me because the program works fully in Debug mode but is 
having this trouble in release mode.  If I change the coding to simply 
print the text "hello world" on a label on the form instead of executing 
the query it works fine, so it seems to me to be something wrong with my 
settings relating to mysql++ or an incompatibility.

So my question is has anyone else encountered a release build visual c++ 
program or know why there would be problems like above? 

Thanks for any help,

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