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From:Warren Young Date:April 13 2007 3:55pm
Subject:RELEASE: v2.2.2
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Yes, it's finally out, the Friday the Thirteenth Nervousmaking Release, 
v2.2.2. There's a lot in this supposedly "minor" release, but most of 
the changes aren't in the library itself.  The examples, docs and RPM 
build processes got a lot of attention this time around.

     o More small fixes to embedded null handling in Query.

     o Fixed a bug in single-parameter template query handling.

     o Added tquery example, to demonstrate proper use of template
       queries.  Previously, resetdb was the only exemplar, and
       it wasn't really suited for that.  This example also tests
       the previous item.

     o Added examples/vstudio/mfc, allowing us to improve the way
       we demonstrate Unicode handling.  Old way wasn't realistic.
       On *ix, people will depend on the terminal code to handle
       UTF-8.  On Windows, users are almost certain to be writing
       a GUI program, which requires different Unicode handling
       than the old examples showed.

     o Removed explicit Unicode conversion stuff from command line
       examples, and reworked the Unicode chapter in the user

     o Added examples/vstudio/wforms to show integration with
       C++/CLI and Windows Forms.  Documented this in

     o Rewrote load_file and cgi_image examples to be more
       useful, renaming them to load_jpeg and cgi_jpeg along
       the way.  Also, resetdb now creates a second table in the
       sample database for these two examples' use.  Also, added
       examples/logo.jpg to the distribution as sample data for
       these examples.

     o Limited the ostream base class casting stuff in Query to
       VC++ 2003, which is the only platform that really needed it.
       VC++ 2005 emits a warning with that hack in place, and on
       other platforms it's just replicating work that the compiler
       does already.

     o Added library version information to main library target
       so that systems that version shared libraries work as
       expected.  Thanks for this patch go to Jack Eidsness.

     o Merged much of the diffs between Remi Collet's RPM spec file
       into the official one.

     o Reorganized the doc subdir a bit.  Generated HTML is now all
       under doc/html instead of scattered under other subdirs,
       and renamed doc/README.mysql++ to doc/README.manuals.

     o Improvements to top-level manual building make targets:
       manuals now only rebuild at need, it's easier to request
       a rebuild of all manuals, and we force a rebuild attempt
       before building the distribution tarball so we don't ship
       outdated manuals.

     o Added ability to run examples under gdb using exrun,
       using same mechanism as we currently have for valgrind.
       Thanks for this patch go to Michael Hanselmann.

     o Added "Important Underlying C API Limitations" chapter to the
       user manual, to cover problems we keep seeing on the
       mailing list that are the result of ignorance of the way
       libmysqlclient behaves, not bugs MySQL++ is really in a
       position to fix.

As always, you can get it from
RELEASE: v2.2.2Warren Young13 Apr
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