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From:Remi Collet Date:April 12 2007 4:35am
Subject:Re: MySQL++ v2.2.2 release imminent
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Warren Young a écrit :
> Just a heads-up, I intend to release v2.2.2 in the next few days.  I'd
> release it now, but I'm waiting on CentOS 5.0 to hit the mirrors first.
>  This gives y'all one final chance to test it before the release.
> One big new addition is the MFC and Windows Forms example programs. This
> affects all kinds of things, so read through the various READMEs and the
> manual to see how things have changed before you report problems if
> you're on Windows.  :)

I'm waiting for this release.

The library versionning will allow it to be available on the
Fedora official repositories, for FC5, FC6 and next F7.

It will be also available on new EPEL repository for
Enterprise Linux (RHEL, CentoOS, ...) 4 and 5.

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