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From:Marinus Karel tenNapel Date:April 11 2007 9:42am
Subject:connect and cchar
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I want to create a connection to a mysql database with the use of some
variables. The problem is that these variables are Glib::ustring.

	Glib::ustring host = settings.get_key( "host" );
	Glib::ustring database = settings.get_key( "database" );
	Glib::ustring user = settings.get_key( "user" );
	Glib::ustring password = settings.get_key( "password" );

	con.connect(database, host, user, password);

The problem is that mysqlpp::Connection::connect is expecting a cchar
and not a Glib::ustring. So I have been trying to convert my
Glib::ustring to a cchar. However, I can't get it working. In fact, I
don't even know what a cchar is, in the first place. Or what should be
included so I can declare one.

Any help with this would be most welcome.

Thanks a lot anyway :)


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