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From:Alan Nilsson Date:April 6 2007 8:43pm
Subject:API data type constants are incorrect
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I realize this is the C++ mailing list but I could find no list  
devoted to the straight C API so I am asking here.

I have noticed that when using the C API that in certain instances  
the field 'type' constant is not correct.

When a value is returned from a 'TEXT' type field it is reported as a  
'BLOB' type.  I realize that a TEXT is an extension of a BLOB, but,  
since they are different types according to the schema, why are they  
not different when returned via the API?  Actually there are no TEXT  
type constants.  Also, when a command with a union in it, even CHAR  
types are returned as BLOB types.

Is this a known issue?  Is there a planned fix?

This is particularly important for middle ware that knows nothing  
about the schema, it must rely on what the type is according to the API.

Can any of the developers comment on this?  Why are there no TEXT  
type constants in mysql_com.h?  How hard would it be to add them?


API data type constants are incorrectAlan Nilsson6 Apr
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