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From:Andre Sodermans Date:March 29 2007 4:12am
Subject:Re: VC++ express 2005 and msql++
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> It may be possible if you change the MySQL++ library build settings
> make it a managed library, but that's way, way beyond both my
> and my interest right now.  All I can do to really help right now is 
> accept patches -- whether to the documentation or the code -- from
> who actually care about this aspect of things.
> You should continue this in the following thread, which revolves
> essentially the same issue:

I was facing a couple of difficulties at first with using msql++ and
express 2005, but all those were caused by funky defaults in VC++.
After I 
figured those out, the mysql++ library and samples were working just
It is really nice to see a database come alive in just a couple of
lines of 
code thanks to mysql++.

I did get my windows forms app to work but I got too frustrated with
different syntax for managed code (but that's probably just me). I got
help from the original author of the thread you are referring to and
post some comments over there for the people that want to go that

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