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From:Michael Nye Date:March 26 2007 1:01am
Subject:Re: Problems with Visual C++
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Yeah the program is using precompiled headers.  And that explains why 
the first setup wasn't working.  I turned precompiled headers off and it 
started making the same LNK errors.  I've checked the linker settings 
and all appear to be fine,

Additional Library Directories: "C:\Program 
Files\MySQL\mysql++-2.2.1\Debug";"C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 
Additional Dependencies: libmysql.lib wsock32.lib mysqlpp.lib

I've tried playing with nearly every setting under Linker or C/C++ with 
no success.  I've tried including different libraries such as 
mysqlpp_util.lib as well as the above and it doesnt work.  Changing 
lib\debug to lib\opt doesn't help either.  This is beginning to be very 
frustrating as I really need to get this part of the project moving!  
The only things I can see remotely as out of place is in it 
says to have "C:\mysql++\vc\debug" as a library directory, but there are 
no files inside this directory... I have run the install.bat file and 
just copy + pasted the resulting folders from C:\mysql++ to C:\Program 
Files\MySQL\mysql++-2.2.1\ because that's where i've installed it.  To 
be safe I installed mysql++ to C:\mysql++ and ran the install.bat file 
again and got the same result

I'm pretty sure I followed all the instructions correctly but maybe I 
missed something there.  Also there is no such option as "Under 
Configuration Properties::General change "Use Managed Extensions" to 
"No"" that I can see (using visual studio 2005).

Thanks for any help,


Jim Wallace wrote:
> Are you using precompiled headers? (which is on by default).  In that
> case anything before stdafx.h is not processed, so in your example the
> mysql++.h is not really included.  Autocomplete knows about it since
> it's included, but it can't detect if it's compiled in or not.
> The LNK errors indicate you're compiling ok, but you're not including
> the library in the link step.  To fix that you need update the linker
> setting.  Add these libs to your Linker->Input->Additional Dependencies:
> libmysql.lib
> mysqlpp.lib, and add the paths to those libraries in the
> Linker->General->Additional Library Directories setting.
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> Subject: Re: Problems with Visual C++
> Hi again,
> I fixed the previous errors as it appeared I had the #include
> <mysql++.h> in the wrong position.  By putting it at the very start of
> the program rather then after including the standard header file, all
> the errors went away.  But now I have a new error!  My include code
> looks as follows,
> //Login.cpp
> #include <mysql++.h>
> #include "StdAfx.h"
> #include "Login.h"
> #include "Main.h" // The second form that opens after login using
> namespace APOSSv2; // APOSSv2 is the project name
> And now when i type mysqlpp:: it comes up with the autofill box and
> gives me the option to use Connection, but when I put the code
> mysqlpp::Connection con(false);
> into a function and compile it I get compile errors (it compiles and
> runs fine without mysqlpp::Connection con(false); code):
> .\Login.cpp(15) : error C2653: 'mysqlpp' : is not a class or namespace
> name
> .\Login.cpp(15) : error C2065: 'Connection' : undeclared identifier
> .\Login.cpp(15) : error C2146: syntax error : missing ';' before
> identifier 'con'
> .\Login.cpp(15) : error C3861: 'con': identifier not found
> I've had a look around the web and most of the solutions are "make sure
> you have included the header file" which I have done as far as I can
> see.  The strange thing to me is that why would it autocomplete and then
> say it can't find the namespace.  I thought it might still have
> something to do with the placement of the #inlcude statement, so i try
> it in the last possible position in between stdafx.h and login.h,
> //Login.cpp
> #include "StdAfx.h"
> #include <mysql++.h>
> #include "Login.h"
> #include "Main.h"
> using namespace APOSSv2;
> which results in errors as follows (the error lines are too long to put
> in an email, but they start like this...
> Login.obj : error LNK2028: unresolved token (0A00084D) "void __cdecl
> mysqlpp::create_vector<class...
> Login.obj : error LNK2028: unresolved token (0A00084E) "void __cdecl
> mysqlpp::create_vector(unsign...
> Login.obj : error LNK2020: unresolved token (0A00085D) "private: static
> class mysqlpp::mysql_ti_...
> Login.obj : error LNK2020: unresolved token (0A000860) "private: static
> class mysqlpp::mysql_t...
> Login.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "private: static
> class mysqlpp::mysql_ti_sq...
> Login.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "private: static
> class mysqlpp::mysql_t...
> Login.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "void __cdecl
> mysqlpp::create_v...
> Login.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "void __cdecl
> mysqlpp::create_v...
> And if I include it anywhere below #include "Login.h" I get the [[[[
> error C2872: 'IServiceProvider' : ambiguous symbol... ]]] which was the
> original problem.  I'm very inexperienced with Visual C++ so really
> don't have much of an idea what is going wrong.  A bit of code or a
> sample project which uses windows forms and mysql++ that I could play
> with to see where I've gone wrong, or any fixes to the above problems
> would be great.
> Thanks,
> Michael.
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