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From:Warren Young Date:March 15 2007 12:15am
Subject:Re: does 'AS' work?
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Denis 'SciFi' Simonet wrote:
> What's the problem now? 

Plainly MySQL doesn't return "showid" as one of the field names in its 
reply to your query.  MySQL++ just uses the field name list MySQL gives 
us, nothing more.

> Has MySQL++ got problems with AS? 

Not per se, no.  MySQL++ does not try to guess what form you want the 
data in, it just provides an interface to the data forms MySQL actually 
does return.

> Should it at all work like this?

I don't see how that would be practical.  If MySQL doesn't return it in 
the form you need, MySQL++ would have to have a SQL query parser in it 
to guess how to reformat the data to get the behavior you want.  That's 
not going to happen.

> And if no, what field name does it take for the att for example?

To debug this sort of problem, you need to dig into the underlying MySQL 
data structures.  Either build a MySQL C API test program to see what 
data you actually get back and then figure out how to recast that in 
MySQL++ terms, or use a debugger to step through the data structures 
MySQL++ builds from the query reply and refine your data access code 
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