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From:James Vanns Date:March 2 2007 5:22pm
Subject:Re: RPM packaging and library versioning.
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Just a heads up really but when building the spec file use the redhat defined macros 'n'
stuff such as %{_libdir} so it won't break on 64bit machines ;) I've had this already!


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From: "Remi Collet" <Liste@stripped>
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Sent: 02 March 2007 17:13:07 o'clock (GMT) Europe/London
Subject: RPM packaging and library versioning.

I'm working on the RPM packaging of MySQL++ (for Fedora)

In the provided specfile we can see

   mv $LIBDIR/*.so $LIBDIR/{version}
   ln -sf /usr/lib/{version} /usr/lib/

But this is not useful as the shared library is not build with -soname flag.

More, this should use the ABI version, not the source version as this is
used to detect ABI changes (which require a rebuild).

I think ABI version is 2.0.0, according to

I'm searching a way to enable this using bakefile but i don't really
find useful documentation on this.

Can you point me to some good sources ?

Of course, i could make a patch for, but i really think it's
not a good solution.

I also really think this should be take upstream, so i'd like to make a
patch proposal of my work.


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RPM packaging and library versioning.Remi Collet2 Mar
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