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From:Warren Young Date:February 28 2007 2:26pm
Subject:RELEASE: v2.2.1
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Just bug fixes this time:

     o Fixed the new localtime() alternative selection code
       for VS2003 and various uses of STLport.

     o No longer inserting a null character into the query stream
       on calling one of the preview() functions.  This was harmless
       in v2.1, which used C strings more extensively, but began
       causing problems in v2.2 due to its wider use of C++ strings.

     o Fixed a bug in the Connection copy ctor where it didn't
       completely initialize the object.

     o Minor speed optimizations in the Row() ctor that copies
       data from a MYSQL_ROW structure, and in Row::size().
       Patch by Korolyov Ilya.

     o Optimized Query::preview_char() a bit.  Patch by Jonathan

     o Reordered directory list used by autconf when locating the
       MySQL C API library.  The list is now ordered with the
       most likely locations for the library first, so we're less
       distracted by incorrect libraries.  This fixes a specific
       build error under RHEL4 with recent versions of MySQL 5.0.
RELEASE: v2.2.1Warren Young28 Feb
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