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From:AJ Bostian Date:February 22 2007 3:09pm
Subject:Re: Building 2.2.0 statically
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Warren Young wrote:
> Try --disable-shared.
> I hope you realize that doing this means you must license your program 
> under the GPL or LGPL, if you give the binary to people outside your 
> organization.
Still no luck, I just get the shared library.

My program is for my own academic purposes, so there's no worry about
licensing here.  My issue is that I'm running it on a high-performance
linux cluster that has a "no dynamic linkage" policy, so I'm restricted
to only using static libs.

Could I suggest making the static library part of the "devel" rpm?  I'm
sure that I'm not the only one who needs static libs from time to time.

AJ Bostian
Building 2.2.0 staticallyAJ Bostian22 Feb
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Re: Building 2.2.0 staticallyAJ Bostian22 Feb