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From:Warren Young Date:February 20 2007 12:02pm
Subject:Re: Known bug with localtime_s in msvs7.1
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Андрей Покровский wrote:
> This will fix it (file datetime.cpp:194)

Thanks for the patch, but I decided to approach it a different way. 
Instead of trying to test for all the platforms where localtime_r() is 
known to _not_ exist, we're now just explicitly testing for it during 
the autconf stage.  We can do this because localtime_r() is only on 
systems where we use autoconf already.  That gives us these three cases:

1. It's VS2005 and we're not using STLport.  So, use localtime_s().

2. We found localtime_r() during the autoconf stage, so use that.

3. None of the above, so fall back to good old localtime().
Known bug with localtime s in msvs7.1Андрей Покровский8 Feb
  • Re: Known bug with localtime_s in msvs7.1Warren Young20 Feb