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From:Warren Young Date:January 20 2007 6:02pm
Subject:Re: Support for mysql++ in Fedora?
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Bruce Keats wrote:
> I am willing to do get it into the extras, but I am new to Fedora's
> packaging guidelines.  Are they documented somewhere?

Somewhere on no doubt.

> If I do the work then can the mysql++ RPMs be included in the FC5, FC6, etc
> releases?

I've never known a new package to be accepted into any released version 
of a Linux distribution, Fedora or no.  That's the quality that makes it 

If you need MySQL++ to be part of your Linux install process, it's 
possible to build your own distribution based on an existing one plus a 
few extra packages.

> As well, where do the binary RPMs come from?  Do I build them or is there a
> special build system that creates the binary RPMs once the source RPM is
> created?

Wow.  If you don't even know where binary RPMs come from, you'd better 
get yourself back to school for a while before bringing this topic up 
with the Fedora maintainers.  Start with .  Then, look at 
the rpm target in the top-level MySQL++ Makefile.
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