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From:Warren Young Date:January 18 2007 9:05pm
Subject:Re: Support for mysql++ in Fedora?
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Bruce Keats wrote:
> I noticed that FC5, FC6, etc support mysql 5.  There also appears to be 
> perl
> support for mysql 5.
> Are there any plans to add mysql++ library support in FC5, FC6 or future
> Fedora releases?

It's generally not the library's core maintainers that push it into a 
given Linux distribution.  Most often, it's someone outside that group 
who has an interest in both the Linux distribution and the library.  It 
sounds like that person could be you, for the Fedora case.  Join their 
contributors' mailing list and ask to submit a package.  You'll no doubt 
have to prove that you and the library are stable, but outside that, 
distribution projects are usually happy to have new contributors.
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