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From:Warren Young Date:January 17 2007 5:07am
Subject:Re: Some strange problem SegFault at conn_->lock()
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Manuel Jung wrote:
> My programm is multithreaded and has different
> MySQL Connections on a per thread basis. 

Are you also segregating the Query, Row, and other such objects by 
thread?  All of the major object types in MySQL++ tied back to a 
Connection object (sometimes indirectly), so if you only segregate 
Connections by thread but share Query objects among threads, you're 
still effectively sharing the Connections among those threads.

> #1  0xb7ce1ca8 in mysqlpp::Query::lock (this=0x80b3de4) at query.cpp:137

The fact that lock() is implicated is a further hint that you're not 
completely segregating each MySQL conversation to a single thread. 
lock() is ideally supposed to make that segregation unnecessary, but 
right now, it's almost completely ineffectual.
Some strange problem SegFault at conn_->lock()Manuel Jung15 Jan
  • Re: Some strange problem SegFault at conn_->lock()Warren Young17 Jan