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From:Chris Frey Date:January 16 2007 3:15am
Subject:Fw: Re: MySQL++ and Boost
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Forwarded to the list by request,
- Chris

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Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 20:51:16 +0000
From: "Jonathan Wakely" <jonathan.wakely@stripped>
To: "Chris Frey" <cdfrey@stripped>
Subject: Re: MySQL++ and Boost
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Hi Chris,

My mails don't seem to be getting to the list so feel free to forward
this, or reply to the list, or whatever.

On 12/01/07, Chris Frey <cdfrey@stripped> wrote:
>I'm partly surprised at the amount of pleading against Boost, but on the
>other hand, it sounds a lot like the pleading against C++ itself, so
>not too surprised. :-)

And it's mostly misguided - as has finally been said you can take the
parts you want and bundle them with mysql++ - noone would ever need to
download, configure and build boost themselves.

>I think one of the roadblocks Boost has is its build system.  Yes, once
>you've figured it out once, you can script it and do it repeatedly,
>but that initial barrier is a hard one to ignore, and lasts a while.
>To get back on topic, a lot of Boost is just header files.  If they were
>copied verbatim into mysql++, that would be the easiest solution I think.
>Verbatim copying should avoid any conflicts between the two libraries
>for people who do use Boost and mysql++ together.

That also avoids having to use boost's annoying build system.

>But as the interest in Boost is for the threads, copying Boost threads 
>into mysql++ means copying library functionality.  If I understand the
>issues correctly, this means binary bloat for apps that use both libraries.

I said in an earlier mail has disappeared that it would be nice to
have a config option saying whether to use the bundled parts of boost,
or a pre-installed one on the system.  That's a nice-to-have feature,
not essential, but shouldn't be too hard (depending on the config
setting you either use ./boost which is part of the mysql++ source
tree, or use some user-specified paths)



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