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From:owen nirvana Date:January 16 2007 3:10am
Subject:Re: BETA RELEASE: v2.2.0.beta1
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the library could not compile in vc7.1+stlport5.1

no stl::_Noinit and local_time_s

On 1/13/07, Warren Young <mysqlpp@stripped> wrote:
> It's been a long time coming, but here it is.  Changes so far relative
> to v2.1.1:
>      o ColData, const_string, and SQLString can now be constructed
>        with an explicit length parameter.  Furthermore, Query
>        class's execute(), store() and use() call chains terminate
>        in a version taking an explicit length parameter, instead
>        of one taking a simple C string.  Together, this means
>        that it's now possible to handle data from the SQL server
>        containing nulls.  The library is almost certainly not yet
>        capable of handling embedded nulls in all cases, but this
>        is a big first step towards that.
>      o Can now construct a DateTime object from a time_t.  Patch by
>        Korolyov Ilya.
>      o Changed the way we're handling exported functions in the
>        Windows DLL case so that it works more reliably under MinGW.
>      o Added proper copy semantics to Connection, so that you get a
>        new connection with the same parameters, not just a bitwise
>        copy of the object.
>      o Added exrun shell script and exrun.bat files to distribution,
>        to avoid linkage errors when running the examples while
>        you have an older version of MySQL++ still installed.
>      o Using an explicitly thread-safe variant of localtime() where
>        one is available.
>      o Removed ListInsert template from myset.h.  This wasn't used
>        within the library, and was never documented, so I'm betting
>        that no one actually uses it.
>      o Result::copy() was not copying the exception flag in
>        all cases.  Fix by Steven Van Ingelgem.
>        what it really encodes is the version number in the mysql++.h
>        file you're using, not the actual library version number.
>      o Added mysqlpp::get_library_version(), which returns the
>        library version number at build time.  Between this and
>        the header version constant, you can check that you're not
>        mixing MySQL++ header and library versions.
>      o resetdb example uses these new version number affordances to
>        double-check that you're not mixing libraries and headers
>        from different versions.  This happens easily unless you
>        take care of it (such as by using exrun) when you have one
>        version of MySQL++ installed and you're trying to build and
>        test a new version without blowing away the old one first
>        or overwriting it.
>      o No longer using recursive Makefiles on Unixy platforms
>        or split lib + examples project files on VC++.  Everything is
>        handled by a single top-level Makefile or project file, which
>        is simpler for the end user, and makes better dependency
>        management possible.
>      o When looking for the MySQL C library on systems using
>        autoconf, looking in .../lib64 wherever we are also looking
>        in .../lib.
>      o RPM build process no longer depends on Bakefile.  It means
>        you have to build the examples when building an RPM even
>        though they're never used within the RPM, but it's a better
>        tradeoff in my opinion.
>      o Updated include and library paths on Windows to reflect
>        changes in the most recent MySQL installers.
>      o Merged lib/defs.h and lib/platform.h into new file,
>        lib/common.h.  Just cleans up the library internals.
>      o Fixed build errors on Windows due to recent changes in MySQL.
>      o Fixed a few memory leaks and double-deletes in Query class.
>      o Fixed compatibility with STLPort's string implementation.
>        Patch by dengxy at
>      o Fixed a compatibility problem between Set<> template and
>        SSQLS.  Patch by Korolyov Ilya.
>      o Fixed build bug in SQLQueryParms due to a character
>        signedness issue on PowerPC with GCC.  Patch by Michael
>        Hanselmann.
>      o ~Transaction() can no longer throw exceptions.  It'll just
>        quietly eat them, to avoid program termination.  Fix
>        suggested by Alex Burton.
>      o Fixed thread safety testing in autoconf case, accidentally
>        broken during v2.1.0 development cycle.
>      o Using Doxygen 1.5.1 to generate documentation.
> You can download the latest beta from in
> many forms, or you can check out the absolute brandest newest from svn.
>   I hope to get this release finalized within a week, so if you have
> problems with it, please let me know soon.
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