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From:Warren Young Date:January 3 2007 1:01pm
Subject:Re: A couple of patches
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Matt Dargavel wrote:
>> First off, bakefile_gen shouldn't ever be run directly.
> Sorry, my mistake.  When I first downloaded and built MySQL++ a while 
> ago there was a different procedure to build the project file, I'd never 
> used bakefile before so I did a quick Google search and the bakefile_gen 
> script seemed to do everything required.

I thought more about this after I sent the message, and realized that 
you're on Windows, so the scripts I mention probably aren't going to be 
of much help to you.  Even if you run Cygwin, it's no good unless -- 
oddly enough -- you use the native Win32 port of Bakefile.

But rather than recommend running bakefile_gen by hand, I'd rather just 
provide a rebake.bat file.  bakefile_gen is just too low-level to be 
bothering random developers with.

> Perhaps it's better to leave the current source as it is, and consider 
> this patch archived in case there's ever a problem with the "special 
> handling"?

The bottom line is that I'm less nervous about the way it is than what 
you're proposing.  I'd need to see an actual bug that's fixed by 
changing it to want to do it differently.
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