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From:Ian Miller Date:January 1 2007 10:45pm
Subject:Re: works ok, examples won't compile - Warren Young, November 28 2006 1:00am
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I ran into the same problem as Elias. I'm also running 
Ubuntu, but I'm using the source files. The trouble-
shooting test proposed by Warren (using 
mysqlpp::cchar x = 29;)

built without a hitch. If there's been any progress on 
the issue off the list I'd be interested in hearing how
to resolve it.

I'm using NetBeans 5.5 as the IDE, running Ubuntu 6.06.


Elias Nakos wrote:
> g++ -I/usr/include/mysql -I /usr/include/mysql++ -I../lib -lmysqlclient 
> -lmysqlpp -O0 -c util.cpp
> stock.h:41: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of ‘cchar’ with no type

This is very strange.  Type cchar is declared in defs.h, one of the core 
headers for MySQL++.  If it isn't being included via mysql++.h, 
something is broken with the Ubuntu package.

First, I would suggest verifying this guess by replacing the body of 
your test program's main function with this:

 mysqlpp::cchar x = 29;
 return x;

If that fails in the same way, I'm right.  If not, let us know what 
actually happened.

Assuming I've diagnosed the problem correctly, try building MySQL++ from 
the tarball, obtained from .  If that 
works, you need to contact the maintainer of the Ubuntu package and have 
them fix it.

Re: works ok, examples won't compile - Warren Young, November 28 2006 1:00amIan Miller1 Jan